Holistic Transformation Summit Speaker Details

Day 1 Speakers

Dr. Beverly Lawrence image

Summit Host, Sponsor, & Speaker

Beverly Lawrence, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Title: Summit Host, Holistic Professional & Medical Intuitive

Bio: Dr. Beverly is the Summit Sponsor, Host, & Speaker, Podcast Host, Founder of Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, Dancing Bear Healing Center, & ADBO Consulting. Her passion is to help people heal and to grow spiritually.

Talk Title: Summit Introduction, Summit Contest, & OM for Success Free Program Offer

Gift 1 Name: Healing with Essential Oils eBook
Gift 2 Name: Sharable eBook (called a Tracka'Book) OM for Success and the OM for Success Program
VIP Bonus Gift 1: Spiritual Initiations for the 7-Chakras Master Class (Value $1,999)
VIP Bonus Gift 2: Essential Oils Master Class (Value $599)

Patti Stueland image


Patti Stueland

Title: Chief Pathfinder

Bio: As a motivational speaker, podcaster and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Patti is truly living her best D.A.S.H.! She walks the walk and talks the talk about "Daring to Achieve a Successful and Happy life!" Find out how you can create a legacy you can be proud of!

Talk Title: Living Your Best Dash!

Gift Name: Goal Setting On-Demand Video

Dilyana Mileva image

Speaker & Co-Sponsor

Dilyana Mileva

Title: Menopause and Sleep Expert

Bio: Dilyana Mileva is an international speaker, author, sleep, and menopause specialist. She is known as an expert in relaxation and holistic approaches to your health and wellness. She is the Founder and CEO of the Menopause Support Academy and Menopause Made Easy podcast. Dilyana is dedicated to helping women in midlife to thrive and find their power during the transition period of menopause. Her mission is for women to feel safe to fully express themselves and take care of themselves to live a life from their power, passion, and purpose.

Talk Title: Finding Harmony Within: Holistic Healing Strategic

Gift Name: 3 Steps Toward Menopause Symptoms
VIP Bonus Gift: Complimentary Session (Value $200)

Christine Breese image


Christine Breese

Title: CEO, Founder of UMS

Bio: Christine Breese is the founder and CEO of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. She is a speaker, facilitator, shaman, spiritual teacher and healer helping people discover the master within. She has been helping people through her videos on Youtube, retreats, writings, and in-person events. She uses humor, compassion and intuition to help people heal from the events of the past.

Talk Title: Discovering the Master Within

Gift Name: Free Meditations & Courses

Day 2 Speakers

Dr. Unnatti Jain image


Dr. Unnatti Jain

Title: Certified Parent-Teen Coach

Bio: Dr. Unnatti Jain is a Certified parent-teen coach and studies behavioral patterns. She strongly believes that to build strong young adults' parents must shift from control to connection. She is a TEDx speaker and shares her insights in her talk "How to move from control to connection". She is also the author of "A Parent-Teen journey" which is a wealth of anecdotes and strategies with guidance on how to move from control to connection with your child.

Talk Title: Healing Through Parenthood: Embracing Joyful Parenting

Gift Name: 1 Hour free coaching session

Katja Lany image

Speaker & Co-Sponsor

Katja Lany

Title: joie de vivre energy healer

Bio: Sacral operator, Dark Goddess archaeologist, and Death Maiden midwife.

Talk Title: Shifting Victim Energy into Creative Dynamism

Gift Name: 3 Tips to Create Safety & Stability
VIP Bonus Gift: Azarias Energy Healing Session (Value $222)

Grace Mosgeller image


Grace Mosgeller

Title: Spiritual Transformation & Wellness Specialist

Bio: Grace Mosgeller is a soul purpose coach & energy healer who helps professional mind/body/spirit and beauty entrepreneurs help more people and make more money with Stem Cell Activation and Soul Purpose Alignment. She is passionate about healing from within to gain natural health beauty, happiness, and vital longevity because as each person creates their version of heaven on earth, the ripple effect spreads and contributes to global healing happening now.

Talk Title: Reset Your Health With Stem Cell Activation

Gift Name: Heal Naturally From Within

Andrea Alexander image


Andrea Alexander

Title: Anxiety Expert & Mindset Coach

Bio: As a Certified Mindset & Anxiety Coach, Andrea is passionate about sharing her journey of transformation. Her mission is to support her clients permanently transform their deep-rooted patterns and that can be found in their daily words, and their bodies language of pain and symptomatology to break free from limiting beliefs and thought patterns. Andrea focus is aiding clients discover ease and joy in life - empowering them to create lasting change in their lives. With her expertise in permanent transformation, Andrea is dedicated to supporting others on their personal breakthrough journey.

Talk Title: Anxiety and Healing Old Wounds

Gift Name: Gems of Gratitude

Day 3 Speakers

Angela Wilson image

Speaker & Co-Sponsor

Angela Wilson

Title: Coach, Financial Healer

Bio: Angela Wilson is a Champion for Women's Courage, international best-selling author, international speaker, and financial healer. She is the Founder of Angela Unlimited, an organization that assists women to transform their mindsets that are limiting them from living their own life of Unlimited Possibilities. Angela uses her personal experience, where she learned to listen to the little voice that kept asking, "Isn't there more to life that this?" She found the courage to say "es, there is". And so can you.

Talk Title: Create the Path to Your Dreams

Gift Name: 10 Steps to Creating Your Path
VIP Bonus Gift: 40 Minute Coaching Session (Value $240)

Agnes Loughlin image


Agnes Loughlin

Title: Wholistic Health Coach & Happiness Trainer

Bio: She is the founder of Miracles in Wellness. After employment in various aspects of health care for 40 years including nurse, nurse practitioner, she gradually expanded into various healing modalities including parasite expert, beliefs and emotional healing, Higher Brain Living, wellness advocate, certified life coach. She is a seasoned Retreat Facilitator and Joy Facilitator. She is a sought after speaker on Loneliness and Creating More Connection and a Happiness Trainer.

Talk Title: Loneliness and the Happiness Connection

Gift Name: 10 Ways to Have More Joy eBook

Dr. Beverly Lawrence image

Speaker & Sponsor

Dr. Beverly Lawrence

Title: Summit Host, Holistic Professional & Medical Intuitive

Bio: Dr. Beverly is the Summit Sponsor, Host, & Speaker, Podcast Host, Founder of Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, Dancing Bear Healing Center, & ADBO Consulting. She combines essential oils with her healing practice to facilitate and enhance the healing experience of her patients and clients.

Talk Title: Healing With Essential Oils

Gift Name: Healing with Essential Oils eBook

VIP Bonus Gift: Essential Oils Master Class (Value $599)